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Senior Brand Strategist- Taco Bell

Role description:
Deutsch LA is looking for a Senior Strategist to join our team on Taco Bell.
We believe in being data-inspired and culturally-shaped, and this is especially true of this role. The successful candidate will bring a combination of strategic rigor (rooted in meaningful research) and curiosity into all areas of culture, from music to sports to fashion, and down into the far reaches of internet rabbit holes.
We know that great strategy starts with people, and we want to bring on people who are fascinated with their fellow humans. People who know the difference between an observation, an insight and a bona-fide revelation. People who crave that a-ha moment when their thinking unlocks the path to a client’s objectives.
This position is a great opportunity for someone with a deep understanding of brands, social media and culture. Someone with an ability to think both strategically and creatively. This role will work in close partnership with creatives as well as strategy.
Our next Senior Strategist should be a persuasive thinker and teller who is constantly pushing our strategic POV forward and strives to become a thought leader for our clients.
  • Continue to evolve and define our approach for Taco Bell, as it manifests across various projects and products.
  • Clearly understand client challenges and needs.
  • Cultivate relationships with creative teams by providing inspiring briefs and thought leadership
  • Ability to manage multiple project work streams simultaneously
  • Ownership of campaigns
  • Own briefs & strategic development on projects (with support of GSD & SDs)
  •  Develop holistic campaign plans - encompassing omnichannel platforms including social, digital, and TV. 
  • Develop channel specific strategies where needed
  •  Collaborate with creative partners to develop campaign narratives
  •  Provide compelling cultural and consumer insights regularly 


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